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How to Ensure Freshness While Storing Ground Coffee

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I hear everyone always asking, how do you store fresh ground coffee beans? Lets start out with once you open the sealed package, most sources suggest using its contents within two weeks for peak quality, freshness, and taste.

Keep stored ground coffee away from air, moisture, and light to help keep fresh and prevent staleness and loss of flavors. In an unopened packet, and stored in a dry area, coffee can last up to three to five months. And freezing ground coffee can last up to a year. However we recommend consuming within a month. These guides are for best quality, coffee will never go "bad" or spoil if stored properly, just loose its freshness and natural flavors

There many opinions on freezing coffee to prolong freshness. Technically, you can extend the life of your ground coffee by storing it in the freezer. However we do not recommend it. Repeatedly moving a resealed bag of coffee from the freezer to room temperature and back again accelerates condensation and is a good way to ruin your coffee. If you chose to do so, we recommend only freezing an unopened bag for no more than 1 month, and they're only going to stay fresh about a week longer.

There are many resources online as well, and these are just our opinions to enjoy our fresh custom roasted coffee. So drink up and enjoy!

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love.”

– Turkish proverb

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