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This South American dark roast produces shiny black beans with an oily surface with less acidity and more bitterness.Commonly known as French roasts.

Total Chaos (Dark)

$12.95 Regular Price
$10.94Sale Price

    The #1 Premium Coffee Brand, With A Special Purpose

    Fresh Daily
    Supports Pets

    The Bouncing Kitty Coffee Co. is setting a new standard in quality and morals in coffee companies. Not only are our coffee roasts made fresh daily, but a portion of all of our sales go directly to animal shelters. We pride ourselves in creating the best coffee while also supporting our furry little friends in the process!


    Our Coffee

    All of our coffee is made fresh daily to ensure that all of our customers get the best of the best in terms of quality. We know how it is like to get stale, flavorless coffee, which is why our roasts have been carefully crafted to ensure the pinnacle of coffee flavor and texture. Prepare for a different rollercoaster of flavors with each different roast, all while maintaining the signature Bouncing Kitty Coffee Co. quality.

    Our Pets

    We here at Bouncing Kitty Coffee Co. love coffee, but we love pets just as much! We know how much our furry little friends mean to us, but we also know how many animals are out there without a home. That is why we have made it our duty to go above and beyond and donate 5% of EACH sale to animal shelters. We wanted to bring our two passions together and make them coexist, and we are so glad we could!

    Our Message

    Our message is simple. We want everyone to enjoy coffee, but make them feel like they contributed to something greater. There are so many coffee companies out there, so many GOOD ones in fact, however we haven't found one that has brought two things like this together. We want these flavors to remind you that your purchase could have saved an animal's life, and that will definitely put a smile on your face every morning.

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