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The Bouncing Kitty

Premium Roasted Fresh Ground Coffee


*5% of all proceeds go towards animal shelters*

Our Best Seller

Get our best seller and help donate to a pet in need! Our premium coffee is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and while you drink it you are putting a smile on a pets face!

Natural Flavors

Bouncing Kitty only offers the freshest ingredients to ensure the most premium quality coffee

What Do We Value?

The Process

We think that the process is the most important aspect in making cofee, which is why we have developed our own way to make  our special blends

Premium Roasts

Our quality roasts ensure that each of our batche provides the extravagant flavor and texture that we desire

Limited Quantity

Having a limited quantity ensures that  our coffee stays fresh

Fast Delivery

Bouncing Kitty ensures that our coffee gets safely delivered to your doorstep, fast!


5% of all our proceeds go towards animal shelters!


About Bouncing Kitty


The Bouncing Kitty Coffee Company is a small batch company that strives to provide the freshest delivered coffee.  We combine our two favorite passions, coffee and the pets we love. We donate 5% of all sales to nonprofit animal shelters. 

Any Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact us for anything Bouncing Kitty Related!

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